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This is a list of the RSS feeds I follow. The list is generated automatically from my self-hosted FreshRSS instance. Once per day, an OPML file is generated from FreshRSS, parsed into HTML and uploaded here. The feed descriptions are also taken from the RSS feeds metadata.

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Alex's Homelab Blog - Tinkering, Projects, Homelab.
Alex Ellis' Blog - OSS, Cloud Native & Raspberry Pi
All the interviews for the People and Blogs series. - This feed contains all the interviews published for my People and Blogs series.
Ash Kyd's blog - Australian in Europe (no longer). Webdev, sometimes speaker, gamedev, vlogger. Click here for the good stuff. 🏳️‍🌈
BinaryDigit - Recent content on BinaryDigit
Blognik -
Blog on Nature Works - Recent content in Blog on Nature Works
Blogs on Yet Another SysAdmin - Recent content in Blogs on Yet Another SysAdmin - Explore the latest single-board computers (SBCs), including reviews and benchmarks for Raspberry Pi.
Brian Koberlein - Recent content by Brian Koberlein
BrixIT Blog - Random blog posts from Martijn Braam
brr - Observations on Antarctic infrastructure. Anecdotes from daily life for support staff. Focused on McMurdo Station and Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.
Béton brut -
Colin Walker – Live Feed - Posts as they happen from
Corey Snipes - Software Engineer and All-Around Good Chap - blogging about technology & open source - tech, open source and networking
Daniel Wayne Armstrong - Open Outer Space
Darek Kay - Darek Kay is a professional front-end developer and an accessibility advocate.
Dave Jansen - Collection of somewhat random technical bits, howtos and oopsies.
David Heinemeier Hansson -
didleth -
Dogweather - Robb Shecter
Fabien Sanglard - Chronicles of software wizardry
FreshRSS releases - FreshRSS releases @ GitHub
Garbage Collector - Recent content on Garbage Collector
Hackaday - Fresh hacks every day
Hund - Linux, plain-text & life
i am dain - ...and these are my thoughts mostly on technology
James Bennett ( -
James Gayfer - A personal website and dev blog.
Jeff Geerling's Blog -
Joelchrono’s Blog -
Karan Sharma - Ramblings on programming, tech and life.
Kartografia Ekstremalna - Pogłębione analizy na tematy społeczne, demograficzne i gospodarcze od twórców facebookowego profilu Kartografia Ekstremalna
KB6NU's Ham Radio Blog - - 30 something web developer who has done it all.
Kevwe Technology AB - Kevwe Technology AB - RSS Feed
Klub krótkofalarski SP3YOR - Strona poznańskiego klubu krótkofalarskiego SP3YOR
Klub Krótkofalowców PZK LAB-EL HF5L - Strona Klubu Krótkofalowców PZK LAB-EL HF5L
Ludicity - "While I'm deeply sympathetic, the author should be discussing their issues with a therapist rather than spreading this on the internet." Reader mail is the only thing that brings me joy in this cruel world of spreadsheets and sprints: I'm also on Mastodon now!
Manuel Moreale RSS Feed - A collection of random thoughts about tech, life, design and pretty much everything else I find interesting.
Marijke Luttekes blog - Blog articles by Marijke Luttekes, mostly tech-related.
mark nottingham -
Mark Pitblado - My personal site, mostly a blog of my random thoughts.
Marks Rpi Cluster -
Matt Stein - Curated collection of worthless blurbs.
Max Böck - Max Böck is a professional front-end developer based in Vienna, Austria.
Melroy's Blog - Recent content on Melroy's Blog
Michael Stapelbergs Website -
Michal's Sapka Webpage on Michał Sapka's website - Recent content in Michal's Sapka Webpage on Michał Sapka's website
Midwist -
Musings - like thoughts, but deeper and sometimes stupider
Neil Brown - Recent content on Neil's blog
niqwithq - I write a blog about Accessibility, User Experience Design & Productivity. New posts are released bi-weekly on Fridays.
Norm-working Packets 💾 - Recent content on Norm-working Packets 💾
Oryx -
Paolo Amoroso's Journal - Tech projects, hobby programming, and geeky thoughts of Paolo Amoroso
prma - Recent content on prma
resilience - Insight and inspiration in turbulent times.
Riddles in the Sky - A blog dedicated to observing, mostly classified, satellites.
Robb Knight - Maker of web things, Lego builder, sometimes blogger, sporadic pizzaiolo, fortnightly podcaster. Cat dad and human dad.
Robin Rendle - Notes from the field.
Rubenerd - By Ruben Schade in s/Singapore/Sydney/. 🌻
rubenwardy's blog - Welcome to my blog, where I write about my projects and various tech-related topics.
Run. Bike. Code - Living the active life while preserving some nerdiness.
Sarah Abderemane's Website -
shellsharks - Cybersecurity Research and More
sleeplessbeastie's notes - Recent content on sleeplessbeastie's notes
SP6HFE - blog radiopasterski
STFN - On computers and the night sky
tempertemper - Articles on user experience design and frontend web development
Terence Eden’s Blog -
The Conversation: In-depth analysis, research, news and ideas from leading academics and researchers. – The Conversation - - Linux, privacy and what ever comes to mind
Tomasz Dunia Blog - Blog o wszystkim - przemyślenia, poradniki, projekty otwarto-źródłowe, praca, self-hosting, seriale, filmy / Blog about everything - thoughts, tutorials, open-source projects, work, self-hosting, series, movies
tty1 - I'm afraid it's terminal
videah's blog - seemed like a good idea at the time
Wim Vanderbauwhede - Wim Vanderbauwhede
wiwi blog - A space to dump my longform thoughts.
Wondering Chimp - Navigating the intersection of information technologies and sustainability one blog post at a time.
{DPHacks} - Tinkering and Hacking the World!
𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚖𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚗 - Another ${RANDOM} sysadmin sharing his experiences of work at IT industry.