On computers and the night sky.


I found a way to significantly reduce the power consumption of a Raspberry Pi Pico W, and I use that new knowledge to make a better solar powered weather station
May 07 2024
Continuing my experiences with Meshtastic, I built a portable node with battery power and a better antenna
Apr 16 2024
TICKLESS says that you should not open its ultrasonic tick repellent, and should not change the battery inside, I find those claims unreasonable
Apr 09 2024
Going back to the Pico series
Jan 05 2024
How to have off-grid Wi-Fi
Oct 08 2023
Continuing the theme of powering stuff
Aug 27 2023
Even more off-grid solution for a SBC
Jun 09 2023
Let's build a NiMH trickle charger for AA batteries!
Jan 30 2023
Let's connect a weather station!
Dec 12 2022
Let's build a weather station!
Dec 02 2022