Join my Matrix Space! And some other random news

5 minutes

Just a few short updates today:

Matrix Space

I created a Matrix space for everyone who would like to discuss interesting topics like programming, SBCs, hamradio, BOINC, permaculture and all that in between, and I would like to invite who is reading my blog to join!

If you don’t know Matrix, it’s like Discord, but open and decentralized, like the Fediverse.

(Invitation Link)

Once you register with Matrix and join my Space (hehe, mySpace), you’ll need to join a room, there should be a list of rooms available somewhere in the UI.

Blog updates

My latest post (Reducing Raspberry Pi Pico W power consumption and a second attempt at using solar panels) was mentioned in an article at Some Smart Thinking About Always-On Wi-Fi Gets a Raspberry Pi Pico W Weather Station Sipping Solar, and in a CircuitPython Newsletter, even though I am not using CircuitPython at all.

Those mentions caused the largest spike in visitor numbers since the beginning of this blog, but my super basic techstack - NGINX serving static files - had no problems. Yay for simplicity!

Ashley Cawley left a very interesting comment under my How to monitor 12V battery charge with a Raspberry Pi Pico post, which turned into a thread on the Raspberry Pi Forums. It turns out that different version of the MicroPython firmware work differently with analogue inputs on the Pico, and the code I presented in that blog post has issues with running with the newest version of MP.

Ashley, I am so sorry, I promised to take a look at it this week, but I totally did not have the time to do so, I will get back to you!

I now have three (3!) Meshtastic nodes, one of them running on solar panels, and soon I will present them here.

I am also in the process of moving my homelab from a Thinkpad X220 to a proper “server” desktop PC made from different old parts.

There are so many things I want to write about, if only I had more time.

Thanks for reading, you are the best people <3