Shorts #1

3 minutes

This is the first episode of Shorts, a post in which I share things that raised my interest in the last few days.

Lithium-Ion Batteries Power Your Devboards Easily

A great article showcasing how to power your boards whether they need 3.3V, 5V, or either. The article also talks about batteries, TP4056s, buck/boost converters and voltage regulators. All that tasty electronics stuff.

Using the TP4056: There’s a right way, and a wrong way

Continuing on the topic of powering stuff, an eye-opening article on how to use the TP4056. I did not know you cannot use it to charge the battery and power boards at the same time! At one point I was thinking to use a TP4056 to power a Pico and charge a 18650 from solar panels, good that I went a different route then.

The simplest antenna to receive NOAA weather satellite imagery

A video tutorial how to make a NOAA antenna from some electrical connectors and a bundle of wire. The video is in Polish, but everything is shown clearly, and physics are universal, so there’s no need to listen to it at all.

Vitalii Koshura’s blog about BOINC

Vitalii Koshura is one of the maintainers of BOINC, and recently he started updating his blog more regularly. Highly recommended to everyone who is passionate about distributed computing.

There are more Starlinks in orbit than known exoplanets

Prof. Sam Lawler toots a lot how Starlinks are destroying Low Earth’s Orbit and causing massive problems to astronomers and other scientists. And now there are more Starlinks in orbit than known exoplanets.

I finished reading 747: Creating the World’s First Jumbo Jet and Other Adventures from a Life in Aviation by Joe Sutter. It’s a captivating book showing the whole life of Joe Sutter, nicknamed “the father of the 747”. What hit me the most is the stark contrast between his days, putting safety and engineering prowess as the main and most important aspects of every part of work at Boeing, and how things are going in Boeing today, with the Max’s failure after failure.

I started listening to the Hackaday podcast and got instantly hooked.

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