My 2022 in astrophotography

5 minutes

This is my 2022 astrophotograpy summary. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t terrible. There were some firsts for me: first time using Pixinsight, first time combining data from several nights, first time using a dedicated astro camera… I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted on astro, but all in all it didn’t go that bad. Let’s hope the upcoming year will be better!

Images, from top left:

The Horsehead, Rosette, and Veil were imaged through an Optolong L-enhance filter, for the rest I used an Optolong UV/IR filter. Everything apart from the Veil was done using a Vixen ED114SS 600mm f/5 telescope, a GEM28 mount and a bunch of auxiliary gear I will mention in the future posts.

Plans for 2023? I want to revisit a few places, definitely try out some galaxies like M101, M33, Leo Triplet, get my first globular cluster. My dream is a good photo of the Witch’s Head, maybe a glimpse of Rho Opuchi. We’ll see, I am planning to revisit this post a year from now and check what I managed to achieve from my plans.

Clear skies everyone and a happy new astro year!