About Me

My name is Stefan. I came up with STFN way back in 2007 when I was looking for a cool username for DeviantArt, and at that time I though that “stfn” looked good. And it stuck for every platform I have ever used since.

I work as a Python developer, and I am a Python developer after work. I learnt it by myself back in 2019 when I decided I no longer want to be a project manager. I was lucky enough to get a job in IT without previous commercial coding experience, and here I am.

In the past I used to be deep into analogue photography, and into building bicycles. Today, my hobbies include Raspberry Pis, microcontrollers, and any kind of tinkering that connects programming with soldering. I also became interested in ham radio, both in the traditional sense of voice communication, and also in the more modern digital communications such as APRS, FT8, LoRa and Meshtastic.

Apart from IT stuff, and I’m also into gardening, permaculture and off-grid installations. I’m an Avgeek, despite being very concerned about the climate emergency we are in right now.

I’m getting married this year!

Politically I’m a rather radical leftie.

You can also find me at: bookwyrm Mastodon (main account) Mastodon (Polish specific account)

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About this site

I believe transparency is very important and missing in today’s Internet, so full disclosure: This blog is meant to be as light as possible, does not use any cookies, and only stores the chosen colour theme in the browser’s local storage. I am not using Google Analytics. I am only collecting the most rudimentary information about you, the person visiting this site, using GoatCounter, and only because I like graphs and data, this information is not shared with any third party. Any links to products provided on this page are not affiliate links and I am not sponsored by any organization.
If you find anything on this site contradicting what I stated above, please let me know.

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BOINC is a international network of volunteers who share their personal computers' processing power to help scientists with their studies, like finding the cure for cancer or understanding the shape of the Milky Way.

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