On computers and the night sky.

I'm a Python developer, a homelabber, an astrophotograper, a tinkerer, and now I'm a blogger.

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I have a new bicycle, and I created a pipeline to have my own activity logging without relying on some third party cloud service.
May 21 2024
I created a Matrix space to talk about Life, the Universe, and stuff
May 17 2024
I found a way to significantly reduce the power consumption of a Raspberry Pi Pico W, and I use that new knowledge to make a better solar powered weather station
May 07 2024
My thoughts and recollections about the Space Shuttle, inspired by Scott Manley and Wayne Hale
Apr 29 2024
Continuing my experiences with Meshtastic, I built a portable node with battery power and a better antenna
Apr 16 2024
TICKLESS says that you should not open its ultrasonic tick repellent, and should not change the battery inside, I find those claims unreasonable
Apr 09 2024
Growing new plants for my garden gave me a reason to do a timelapse video, and I'm sharing how to do it
Apr 05 2024
A mix of things I found interesting
Mar 23 2024
Trying to summarize what I already know about mesh radio communications
Mar 18 2024
One small step for me on a leap day
Mar 03 2024
I talk about The Social Network (the movie) and my feelings about Facebook (the platform).
Feb 18 2024
A short, positive review of Edifier X3s
Feb 07 2024
I'm sharing a template to make a Mastodon bot
Jan 24 2024
Part success, part failure, and a lot of waiting
Jan 21 2024
Going back to the Pico series
Jan 05 2024
And it's self-hosted!
Dec 05 2023
Again the 5 is much faster
Nov 30 2023
This time the 5 is much faster
Nov 16 2023
My first benchmark ever
Nov 04 2023
And debezosing and deappling
Oct 20 2023
How to have off-grid Wi-Fi
Oct 08 2023
Looking at older works
Oct 4 2023
Combined HaOIII narrowband with RGB stars
Sep 09 2023
Continuing the theme of powering stuff
Aug 27 2023
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