On computers and the night sky.

I'm a Python developer, a homelabber, an astrophotograper, a tinkerer, and now I'm a blogger.

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Continuing my experiences with Meshtastic, I built a portable node with battery power and a better antenna
Apr 16 2024
TICKLESS says that you should not open its ultrasonic tick repellent, and should not change the battery inside, I find those claims unreasonable
Apr 09 2024
Growing new plants for my garden gave me a reason to do a timelapse video, and I'm sharing how to do it
Apr 05 2024
A mix of things I found interesting
Mar 23 2024
Trying to summarize what I already know about mesh radio communications
Mar 18 2024
One small step for me on a leap day
Mar 03 2024
I talk about The Social Network (the movie) and my feelings about Facebook (the platform).
Feb 18 2024
A short, positive review of Edifier X3s
Feb 07 2024
I'm sharing a template to make a Mastodon bot
Jan 24 2024
Part success, part failure, and a lot of waiting
Jan 21 2024
Going back to the Pico series
Jan 05 2024
And it's self-hosted!
Dec 05 2023
Again the 5 is much faster
Nov 30 2023
This time the 5 is much faster
Nov 16 2023
My first benchmark ever
Nov 04 2023
And debezosing and deappling
Oct 20 2023
How to have off-grid Wi-Fi
Oct 08 2023
Looking at older works
Oct 4 2023
Combined HaOIII narrowband with RGB stars
Sep 09 2023
Continuing the theme of powering stuff
Aug 27 2023
Hopefully beginnng of a series
Aug 15 2023
The not so happy reflections on distributed computing
Aug 04 2023
Even more off-grid solution for a SBC
Jun 09 2023
Let's set up a GPS device and make it work in gpsd and EKOS.
Feb 18 2023
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